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Caviar Artisan at The Great Taste Awards UK

Caviar Artisan at The Great Taste Awards UK

Caviar Artisan at The UK Great Taste Awards

We are thrilled to announce that our Royal Baerii Caviar has been awarded a golden star at the 2016 Great Taste Awards. The panel of chefs complimented the pleasant creaminess of the roe and awarded the star based on the taste, texture and sustainability of the product.

This particular sturgeon species, Acipenser Baerii, is still relatively new to the caviar industry and certainly had its doubters when it first arrived on the scene once imports on wild caviar were banned in 2006. Acipenser Baerii sturgeon take an average of 6-8 years to mature, the whole process from production to distribution at the time seemed rushed and rather desperate. 

Moving forward now to 2016, it is particularly rewarding to witness the improvement in sustainably produced caviar. Sturgeon farming has come a long way, our Royal Baerii Caviar is testimony to that.



Kamran Shedy

Founder of Caviar Artisan

July 29, 2016 by Kamran shedy