Caviar Fish Varieties

Sturgeon Caviar Roe

Caviar is a delicacy consisting of salt cured eggs from the Acipenseridae family. The term caviar refers only to roe from sturgeon fish. Caviar Artisan is dedicated to importing caviar exclusively produced under all international CITES (Convention Of International Trade In Endangered Species) regulations, and in accordance with European Union law. Certified caviar is produced in sustainable ethical ways that have been approved. Each tin is vacuum sealed at the source with a control seal and a CITES number allocated to each import before being released for dispatch. When it comes to our caviar, its origin is certain and safe.

Caviar Fish Varieties

Beluga Caviar

The Beluga (Huso Huso) is a large species of anodromous fish in the sturgeon family Acipenseridae. Historically found in the Caspian and Black Sea, the Beluga sturgeon is a late maturing fish that can live for 120 years.

Beluga caviar only consists of the roe from the sturgeon fish Huso Huso. The sturgeon can take up to 20 years to reach maturity and once harvested can weigh over 1,000 kg. the eggs are the largest of the commonly used roes, and range in colour from dark grey to a light pearly grey.

The species numbers have been greatly reduced due to overfishing, this has led to a rise in Beluga sturgeon farming in Iran and Eastern Europe. Our Beluga caviar is not any type of Beluga/Baerri Hybrid which is mostly what you see on the market today. Our Pure Iranian Beluga is available exclusively only upon request, as it is still quite limited in production. Exports are due to rise in 2016. Iranian Beluga is without a doubt the King of Caviar.

Kaluga Caviar -

The Kaluga (Huso Dauricus) also known as the Kaluga Queen, is a large species of predatory sturgeon fish found in the Amur River basin. It is currently claimed to be the largest freshwater fish in the world with a maximum size of 1,000kg.

The Amur River is the worlds tenth largest river, forming the border between the Russian far east and north eastern China. Huso Dauricus is one of the finest available caviars in the world, similar in size and taste to the Beluga although lighter in colour. The Kaluga Queen is sublime in texture, colour and taste.

Oscietra Caviar -

Oscietra, also known as the Diamond Sturgeon. In Russian, the name Oscietra corresponds to the species Acipenser Gueldenstaedtti, also known as the Diamond Sturgeon. This fish can grow up to about 235 cm, weighs up to 200kg and reaches maturity at 12-15 years.

Oscietra caviar varies in colour from deep brown to gold, and is now being farmed all over the world as they can adapt to a wide range of habitats. The Diamond Sturgeon is without a doubt an elite caviar.

Baerii Caviar -

The Siberian Sturgeon is increasingly farmed both for meat and to produce caviar from its roe. Acipenser Baerii completes its lifecycle in fresh water and sexually matures relatively early (6-8 years old). It is the most common sturgeon for captive-bred specimens. The main producers of Siberian sturgeon caviar is France and Italy, while the largest meat producers are Russia and China.