Caviar Artisan Presents “Caviar Tasting & Training” 

An interactive masterclass open to anyone and everyone interested in becoming a Caviar Aficionado. Learn about the fascinatingly chequered history of Caviar, different varieties, the etiquette of serving & art of enjoying this luxurious delicacy. Receive a certificate of attendance after the session.

The Caviar tasting includes Caviar Artisan’s finest selection:

• Royal Siberian Baerii - New world Caviar
• Imperial Oscietra Gold - Traditionally reserved for royalty
• Beluga Caviar - King of all Caviar Kings
• Golden Almas - Exclusive and extremely rare.

The training includes:

• Brief history of Sturgeon & Caviar trade
• Caviar culture and prominence: James Bond effect
• A guide to Baerii, Imperial Oscietra, Beluga & Golden Almas Caviar: how to distinguish between the different varieties
• The etiquette of serving & handling caviar
• ‘V’ is for vodka: what drinks to offer 
• The art of eating & enjoying caviar: tongue or teeth?

Certificate of attendance:

At the end of the session participants will be issued with a Caviar Artisan certificate of attendance.

Caviar Tasting & Training Experience at Caviar Artisan, London