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Caviar Species Labelling

The label for caviar containers packed by processing plants in the country of origin should include the following information, in the order described:

1. Standard caviar species code: CITES has determined three-letter codes for the identification of sturgeon caviar and paddlefish species, hybrids and mixed species.

'GUE' is the standard species code for Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii (Oscietra Caviar),

'HUS' is the standard species code for Huso Huso (Beluga Caviar).

'DAU' is the standard species code for Huso Dauricus (Kaluga - Giant sturgeon)

'BAE' is the standard species code for Acipenser Baerii (Baerii Caviar)

2. Caviar Source code: A letter used on CITES documents to indicate the source of the caviar, either 'W' for sturgeon harvested from the wild or 'C' for captive-bred (farmed) sturgeon .

3. Caviar origin code:This is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) two-letter code for the country of origin, e.g. IT for Italy. A list of ISO country codes can be found at http://www.cites.org/ eng/disc/parties/alphabet.shtml

4.Year of caviar harvest

5. Official registration code of the caviar processing plant: Each exporting country should establish a national registration system for processing plants, with official registration codes assigned to each. This number corresponds to that code.

6. Lot identification number: This is a number that corresponds to information related to the caviar tracking system used by the processing or re-packaging plant.


Sample CITES Label


(Oscietra CaviarCaptive/Italy/Year of Harvest/Processing Plant/Lot Number)