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125g Almas Reserve Beluga Caviar


125g Almas Reserve Beluga Caviar is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Available in the UK & EU. Not available in the US.

Almas is the most sought after caviar and consumed by royalties of the past. Our Almas Reserve Beluga Caviar is only produced from Huso huso Sturgeon (Pure Beluga Sturgeon). 

Almas, meaning diamond in Russian, is  historically reserved for Russian, Iranian and Austrian royalty. Soft and silky textured roe, hints of hazelnut with lingering intense flavours of the sea. As the sturgeon matures, their eggs become more elegant, smooth, aromatic and delicious with a spongier texture. 

EXTREMELY LIMITED. We only have a few shipments a year of Almas Reserve.

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