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500g Black Summer Truffles - Grade A


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We import our Black Summer Truffles fresh twice weekly from Italy. Summer Truffles are harvested from May - August. Best served raw or slightly warmed. Try shaved over pasta, salads, scrambled eggs, omelettes and risotto. The heat from your plate will bring out the delicate flavours and aromas. Ideally, Truffles should be consumed as fresh as possible. They can be stored for 10-12 days. Maintain freshness by cleaning the Truffles using a soft brush removing any impurities, wrap in paper and store in the refrigerator.

Species: Tuber Aestivum

General Name: Summer Truffle, Scorzone

Origin: Italy

Season: May-August

Aromatic Notes: Delicate flavour and aroma. Hints of Hazelnut, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Shipping: 500g Fresh Black Summer Truffle vacuum packed in a Caviar Artisan cooler bag. Order before 3pm - Ships overnight special delivery. Same day Central London delivery.