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50g Sevruga Caviar - Limited Edition


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Sevruga Caviar is produced from the Sterlet Sturgeon, Acipenser Stellatus. Delicate eggs (ranging between light to dark gray in color) entertain rich, intense flavors of the sea with mild iodic attributes.  Hints of anchovy and hazelnut round out the clean, bold finish. A true Malassol (low salt) caviar.  

A new addition to the Caviar Artisan Selection, this is a pure Sevruga which is difficult to find.  Authentic Sevruga, once the prized caviar of Czars when fished in the wild from the Caspian Sea, is one of the most difficult sturgeon to cultivate due to its delicate nature. Limited Quantities.

Species: Acipenser Stellatus (certified sustainable)
Production: Italy
Diameter: medium, 2.5/2.7mm
Color: varies from dark grey to light brown
Texture: Firm
Character: full flavored with slight iodine elements
Aromatic notes: Hazelnut and anchovies

Presentation: 50g Sevruga Caviar in a prestige gold tin thermo packed with ice in a Caviar Artisan cooler bag.