“Silver Package” Caviar Tasting & Training (30g Siberian Baerii, 30g Imperial Oscietra per guest)

Free Corkage & BYOB

About this experience

Caviar Artisan presents “Caviar Tasting & Training” - An interactive masterclass open to anyone and everyone interested in becoming a Caviar Aficionado. Learn about the fascinatingly chequered history of Caviar, different varieties, the etiquette of serving & art of enjoying this luxurious delicacy. Receive a certificate of attendance after the session.

The “Silver Package” Caviar tasting includes Caviar Artisan’s finest caviar:

• 30g Royal Baerii - served with a shot of vodka* in keeping with Russian tradition
• 30g Imperial Oscietra Gold - traditionally reserved for royalty
• All accompanied with toast and crème fraîche & ice-cold mineral water to cleanse the palate.

The training includes:

• Brief history of Sturgeon & Caviar trade
• Caviar culture and prominence: James Bond effect
• A guide to Baerii & Imperial Oscietra: how to distinguish between the different varieties
• The etiquette of serving & handling caviar
• ‘V’ is for vodka: what drinks to offer
• The art of eating & enjoying caviar: tongue or teeth?

Certificate of attendance:

At the end of the session participants will be issued with a Caviar Artisan certificate of attendance.

Location details

Our Caviar Cellar is a discreet and intimate offering for both new and regular clients. Catering to our most discerning customers, our lower deck leads to an exclusive underground Caviar Cellar where we can host our VIP clients in comfort and privacy. The intimate Cellar provides a spine tingling ambiance, featuring caramel colour palate, dimmed candle lighting and ship inspired décor – channelling the charm of a Captain’s Quarters.

Additional information

*Food may contain main food allergens and may not be suitable for food intolerance / allergy sufferers. Gluten free alternative can be provided, please contact Caviar Artisan BEFORE making your booking.